Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Salary [ Top 10 Jobs for Foreign Workers without Experience ]

If you are looking for Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners then you are right place. There are plenty of unskilled jobs in Canada that are perfect for foreigners. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get a job in Canada without any experience. We will also provide a list of some of the best jobs for foreigners in Canada. Keep reading to learn more!

One way to get a job in Canada without any experience is to apply for an entry-level position. Many employers are willing to train new employees, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any experience. Another option is to look for jobs that are specifically designed for foreigners. These jobs usually require minimal or no experience and offer great opportunities to learn about Canadian culture and customs.

Finally, don’t forget to network! Getting to know people who already work in Canada can give you a great advantage when it comes to finding a job.

There are a variety of unskilled jobs in Canada that foreigners can apply for. These jobs typically do not require any specific skills or qualifications, and many of them offer a decent salary. Here are ten examples of such jobs:

Retail salesperson

Retail salespeople are responsible for helping customers find and purchase the products they need. They often work in retail stores, but may also be employed by companies that sell products to consumers through other channels, such as online or over the phone. The median salary for retail salespeople in Canada is $21,600 per year.

Food service worker

Food service workers provide food and drinks to customers in restaurants, cafeterias, and other foodservice establishments. They may also be responsible for cleaning the kitchen and dining area. The median salary for food service workers in Canada is $20,200 per year.


Labourers perform a variety of manual tasks, such as loading and unloading materials, moving furniture, and cleaning up debris. They may work in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation. The median salary for labourers in Canada is $22,800 per year.


Janitors are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the appearance of buildings and facilities. They may work in schools, hospitals, office buildings, or other types of establishments. The median salary for janitors in Canada is $23,400 per year.

Truck driver

Truck drivers transport goods and materials across Canada. They may drive long distances, over varying terrain, and in all types of weather conditions. The median salary for truck drivers in Canada is $24,900 per year.

Factory worker

Factory workers manufacture products in factories. They may work on assembly lines or in production areas. The median salary for factory workers in Canada is $25,400 per year.


Landscapers design and maintain outdoor spaces, such as gardens, parks, and yards. They may also install features such as ponds, fences, and decks. The median salary for landscapers in Canada is $26,000 per year.


Carpenters build and repair wooden structures, such as houses, decks, and fences. They may also install cabinets, flooring, and other types of interior finishes. The median salary for carpenters in Canada is $27,600 per year.


Electricians install and maintain electrical systems and equipment in buildings. They may work on residential or commercial properties. The median salary for electricians in Canada is $29,000 per year.


Plumbers install and maintain water supply systems and drainage systems in buildings. They may also work on heating and cooling systems. The median salary for plumbers in Canada is $30,000 per year.

These are just a few of the many unskilled jobs that are available in Canada. If you are interested in finding a job that does not require specific skills or qualifications, these are a good place to start. And remember, many of these jobs offer a decent salary, so you can live comfortably in Canada while you gain experience and develop your skills.

Full-time and Part-time Fruit Picking Workers Needed in Canada

Fruit picking is a great way to earn money while enjoying the outdoors. Canada is home to many fruit farms, making it a great place to find work. There are several things to keep in mind when looking for a fruit picking job in Canada.

The first step is to research the farms in your area. Fruit picking jobs are usually found on small family farms or larger commercial operations. You can use the internet or ask around at local farmers markets to find out who is hiring.

Once you have a list of potential employers, it’s time to start applying. Make sure you have a resume and cover letter ready to go. Many farms will also require you to fill out an application form. Be prepared with your references as well.


  • Applicants must have at leaset1 year of experience working in similar field before.
  • English or French Language Preferred
  • Education not required but must be able to learn skills
  • Must be able to work for Monday to Friday – 8 hours per day
  • Driving License Preferred
Farm labourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Farm WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
General Farm WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Dairy Farm LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Apple PickerAll over CanadaApply Now
Mushroom PickerAll over CanadaApply Now
Vegetable farm workerAll over CanadaApply Now
Farm ManagerAll over CanadaApply Now
Seasonal Grain Farm LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Greenhouse workerAll over CanadaApply Now
Fruit & Vegetable PackerAll over CanadaApply Now
fruit farm labourerAll over CanadaApply Now

General Labour Jobs

If you are looking for a general labor job, then you have come to the right place. Whether it be packing boxes, loading and unloading trucks, or cleaning up after a production line has finished, we are sure to have a job that will fit your needs. So, if you are interested in finding a general labor job, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We would be more than happy to discuss the opportunities that are available with you. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

General LabourerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Construction LabourerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Helper, MechanicAll Over CanadaView Job Details

Factory Worker Jobs

Factory workers are an important part of the workforce. They produce the products we use on a daily basis. Factory workers are often undervalued and paid unfairly compared to other professions. Factory workers keep our economy running smoothly; we should value their efforts with better pay and benefits.

Garment Plant LabourerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Sewing Machine OperatorAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Packing WorkersAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Factory Labourer – manufacturingAll Over CanadaView Job Details

Waiter / Waitress Jobs

A waiter’s job is to provide excellent customer service and ensure that all guests are taken care of. Duties include taking orders, delivering food and drinks, answering any questions or concerns guests may have, and clearing plates and dishes. It is important to be polite, friendly, and attentive when working as a waiter. The goal is to make sure that every guest has an enjoyable experience at the restaurant.

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply ?
WaiterAll over CanadaApply Now
WaitressAll over CanadaApply Now
Room service WaiterAll over CanadaApply Now
Food ServerAll over CanadaApply Now

Driver Jobs

There are many driving jobs in Canada that are perfect for those who love to drive and want a career that allows them to travel. One of the best driving jobs in Canada is being a truck driver. Truck drivers can make great money while seeing the country.

Another driving job in Canada that is popular is being a bus driver. Bus drivers can also make good money and see some amazing places. If you are looking for a driving job in Canada, be sure to check out these two opportunities!

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply ?
Truck DriverAll over CanadaApply Now
Delivery DriverAll over CanadaApply Now
Taxi DriverAll over CanadaApply Now

Each of these professions has different requirements and salaries. If you’re interested in working in Canada, it’s important to do your research and find out which job is right for you. Here are some other vacant positions available in Canada, in which you might be interested in.

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply ?
PlumberAll over CanadaApply Now
Kitchen helperAll over CanadaApply Now
Warehouse keeper helperAll over CanadaApply Now
Assistant cookAll over CanadaApply Now
Security GuardAll over CanadaApply Now
Farm WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Machine OperatorAll over CanadaApply Now
General Labourer – FarmAll over CanadaApply Now
Store CashierAll over CanadaApply Now
Packing Machine Set-up OperatorAll over CanadaApply Now
Fruit Farm LabourerAll over CanadaApply Now
Pastry ChefAll over CanadaApply Now
Nanny / BabysitterAll over CanadaApply Now
Food And Beverage ServerAll over CanadaApply Now
Sewer, textile productsAll over CanadaApply Now
Child Caregiver – Private HomeAll over CanadaApply Now
Butcher, Retail All over CanadaApply Now
Light Duty CleanerAll over CanadaApply Now
Food Service WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Wood Products Production WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
Painter/ Sprayer PainterAll over CanadaApply Now
Office Helper / Office AdministrationAll over CanadaApply Now
Laundry WorkerAll over CanadaApply Now
ReceptionistAll over CanadaApply Now
WelderAll over CanadaApply Now
BaristaAll over CanadaApply Now
Restaurant managerAll over CanadaApply Now
Hotel front desk clerkAll over CanadaApply Now
Construction helperAll over CanadaApply Now
Bakery labourerAll over CanadaApply Now
WarehousepersonAll over CanadaApply Now
Truck DriverAll over CanadaApply Now
Delivery DriverAll over CanadaApply Now

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