1. Is Hotmail Login is same for all countries? I mean I am I have Hotmail UK account but when I travel to holiday in Australia, Is it same or different account login? Please help me as I am travelling to Australia and I heard my hotmail email login may get suspended.

    • Hi Saira, login is same for all the countries with domain. It really does not matter where you log from but make sure you know your hotmail account’s password. Please note that, sometime during hotmail sign in, you may be asked for your phone number to verify its you when you login from new place. There is not need to panic at all.
      Have a wonderful holidays in Australia.

  2. Ed Plociennik says

    The login page has now changed.
    Only asks for email address. Then a second page is displayed asking for password.

  3. John Repholz says

    I don’t like outlook to munch bull I want my Hotmail back and you keep pushing outlook on me and i don’t like change.

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