20 Windows 10 Apps You Must Have

New windows 10 comes up with the new improvised Windows store. With millions of desktop applications, along with windows store apps makes windows 10 an operating system with the highest number of apps and programs. Though we cannot find every application you want on the windows store, you can still download the desktop application in your windows 10 OS.  Here are the best 20 windows 10 applications combining both desktop and windows store applications.

1. Skype

Skype is a Microsoft-owned application that provides free video chat and voice calls over the internet. It was introduced in 2003 and its headquarter is located in Luxemburg. It is a widely loved communication app in every OS platform including mobiles, Xbox and Alexa. You can also share digital media such as images, videos, voice messages, and so on. You can share stories with friends, learn new things and discuss academic problems with your teacher.

Skype for business

Skype also offers conference video calling for some skype credit. With Skype, you will also be able to call a landline or mobile phone number by using skype credit. Though Skype is still not available as windows store apps you can install a desktop version of Skype and enjoy quality voice and video chatting. You can try skype out today adding your friends and family.

2. OneDrive

OneDrive is another important application in windows 10 owned by Microsoft itself. It is a cloud storage system or file hosting service that allows users to back up their important files, media, etc., and can access these files anytime from the installed application.


The use of OneDrive helps you keep your important documents safely and even saves your device’s memory. You can get 5 GB of storage space for free in OneDrive. Older users got 10 GB to 25 GB of free storage. You can get up to 10 GB of free storage by recommending it to your friends. There are various ways to add free storage of your OneDrive space.

3. Microsoft Office Package

Microsoft office package is the most popular feature-packed suite of applications introduced by Microsoft in 1990. It includes office-related applications like Spreadsheet(Excel), Text editor(Word), Presentation(PowerPoint), DBMS(Access), and Email(Outlook) applications. The new Office 365 2016 subscription enhanced your experience in using these applications. It is compatible with both Macintosh and windows.

Microsofet office package

Now you can instantly save your project to OneDrive or any other cloud and share it with your coworkers, colleagues, and so on. You can also download mobile words, mobile PowerPoint from the windows store if you have an office 365 subscription.

4. Picasa

Windows 10 already has a new photo app but it’s still in the early days and you might have to tackle different bugs in it. So, Picasa might be the better apps for you to organize your photos and pictures.


Picasa scans all most all pictures from all corners of your computer and organizes them in single apps. You can also edit the picture and add filters to the pictures. You can use it as an integrated photo-sharing site. Picasa is a Google-owned application. Picasa which was introduced in 2002 was named life scape in the beginning. Later on, in July 2004, it was named Picasa.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

Windows media players, Movies, and TV players are available in windows 10 but these media players are not able to read many video and audio formats. VLC media players read videos that Windows media players, Movies, and Tv players do not read. So, you can use a VLC media player for this purpose. The VLC media player is available in Apple, Microsoft store and Google play store.
VLC media players support a larger amount of media formats, especially video.

6. Chrome Web Browser

Goggle Chrome

Windows 10 comes up with a new web browser called Microsoft Edge and it is somehow better than old Internet Explorer but still not that enhanced web browser. It is simply known as Chrome and it was introduced in 2008 for Microsoft windows. Now you can use this browser in Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.
So, using a chrome web browser might be a good idea at the start. It is one of the fastest web browsers in the market. Other browsers like Safari and Mozilla Firefox also can be good choices.

7. Flipboard


You might have already seen Flipboard on your smartphones. Flipboard is an unlimited news streamer or personal digital magazine. You can use Flipboard to aggregate content from social media and other various news and photos sharing sites. It was introduced in July 2010.
Flipboard automatically shows you personalized or tailored stuff as your like. Flipboard apps are available in the windows store for free.

8. Spotify

If you are a music lover then Spotify is the must-have app in windows 10. Spotify app stream music on your PC or any other Windows 10 device. You can search for your favorite music, create a playlist and even save the song for offline playing.


Spotify is available free in the windows store but if you want your favorite music to play without ads you can buy the premium version of Spotify. You can also use Spotify on different devices like phones, tablets, PC, TVs, and cars. You can transfer from one to another device using Spotify connect. If you are a music artist, you can use Spotify for Artists.

9. Wunderlist


Wunderlist is the productivity app recently owned by Microsoft. It was introduced by a Berlin-based startup in 2013 and was acquired by Microsoft in July 2015. Wunderlist is a cloud-supported task management application. It allows you to easily manage your list of tasks from your PC, smartphone, and tablet.
It enables you to share your task and collaborate with each other. Your wanderlust project can be accessed from any of your Windows 10 devices.

10. Fresh Paint


Fresh Paint is the painting apps released by Microsoft with the launch of Windows 8 in October 2012. It is very different than other photo apps or painting apps. Oil painting and sketching of pictures look very realistic and eye-catching. Paint your creation and share it easily with your friends and family.

11. Twitter Apps


Windows 10 store comes up with highly improvised social networking apps, Twitter. Apps look similar to that we use in mobile phones and tablets but with many new exciting features for easy sharing your opinion, pictures, videos to you friends families and other people. You can share posts and send messages called “tweets”. You can follow the celebrity, friends and follow their activity and also share yours. The improved notification system in windows 10 enhances your experience using this app. Tweets were limited to 140 characters, but now it is increased to 280 except for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

12. Facebook/Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

With the addition of messenger apps in windows 10 using Facebook apps in windows 10 has been much easier and exciting. Facebook was founded by Mark Zukerberg and his friends in February 2004. Now no more need to log in to Facebook in a web browser just download Facebook and messenger apps and enjoy one of the best social networking platforms right on your desktop. Messenger apps also support video and voice chatting with enhanced text messaging with hundreds of exciting stickers. Facebook app is used for sharing messages, photos, videos, and other important information.

13. Netflix


Netflix is one of the most popular apps in the entertainment category. It is the world’s leading subscription apps service for watching movies, TV shows. Netflix offers you unlimited access to TV episodes and movies for a very cheap cost. Netflix has more than 148 million paid members. If you have some accounts on multiple devices then you can resume watching in one device from where you left in another one.

14. Network Speed Test


Network Speed Test app is the network’s tool designed by Microsoft Research Team. This app checks your network speed and also calculates the download and upload speed of your internet. You can also compare your internet speed with different internet servers of the world.

15. Fitbit


Fitbit which was introduced in 2007 is the world’s leading health apps. It is a very effective app for tracking your all-day activity, workouts, sleep, and many more daily activities. Fitbit even calculates your steps, the distance you walk, calories burned, sleep time, weight, etc. It can be a very useful app to sportsperson and people you want to stay fit and healthy.

16. Kindle


Kindle is a collection of books from around the world. You can even get access to textbooks through these apps. Amazon kindle device is a popular device in digital reading and now amazon comes up with windows 10 apps to give similar services to PCs, smartphones, and tablet users. You can buy books from different writers and get access to it wherever and whenever you want them. Some of the books are also accessible free of cost. Useful apps for reading lovers and students.

17. Audiobooks from Audible


Audiobooks is a similar app to Kindle but with audio features. It is also the creation of Amazon and contains more than 200 thousand audiobooks available for downloads at a very low cost. It might be useful for books lover who doesn’t have enough time to read the book and can listen to audiobooks anytime, anywhere on the go. You can explore various newly released books through this app.

18. Khan Academy

Khan academy

Khan Academy which was founded in 2007 is one the most downloaded educational apps in windows 10. This apps consists of a large volume of learning tools and exercise for most of the age group students. The organization release chapters of various subjects in the form of videos to make it more interactive. For students from beginner grade to that of master level, khan academy is a useful app for learning hundreds of courses related to Science, technology, IT, Mathematics with interactive videos and exercises.

19. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is the world’s leading Travel app. It is a very useful app for traveling lovers. TripAdvisor was introduced in 2000 in the United States. You can check for the lowest airfare, the best hotels and restaurants, and all the fun things you can experience in the place where you are planning to travel. You can also book flights, hotels, and restaurants with just a few taps. It also contains interactive travel deals. It also provides reviews and photos from millions of travelers.

20. TuneIn Radio


With over 1 million real radios streaming, Tunein radio is the world’s largest collection of radio stations from all around the world. It was founded in January 2002. TuneIn radio contains all of the best sports, music, news radio, and others many other top podcasts. If you want to listen to the radio stations of any other region, using the Tunein radio app is a wise step. You can also record your favorite radio shows for listening to in the coming time and listen to them when needed.

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