LinkedIn Sign Up

LinkedIn is a major social media platform which is business and employment-oriented. If you are trying to develop a professional network, search employees for your organization or seek employment, then LinkedIn is the best platform for you. To connect with all those professionals, you must have a LinkedIn account. Follow the instructions to complete the LinkedIn sign up.

LinkedIn Sign Up step

  • Step 1: Visit from any web-browser.
    linkedin sign up
  • Step 2: A sign up form will appear, fill the required information.
    • Enter your first and last name.
    • Provide your email account.
    • Create a new password for LinkedIn.
  • Step 3: Click ‘Join now’. Few other information is required to complete the sign-up process. Fill any additional steps as prompted.
  • Step 4: LinkedIn may ask you for a quick security check. Provide a phone number in which you can receive text/call. This number will only be used to finish registration and won’t be added to your account.
  • Step 6: Provide the details of your location and your city.
    LinkedIn Location
  • Step 7: Add your work experience in this step. Insert your most recent job, most recent company, and industry. Click Continue to go to next step. If you are a student and currently studying, please choose the ‘I’m a student’ option.
    LinkedIn sign up
  • Step 8: You’ll receive a verification code on your email. Open the email and enter the code you’ve received. Once the code is verified, you are ready to use LinkedIn. If you didn’t receive the code, please click send again button, just below the agree and confirm.
    Linkedin confirmation sign up
  • Step 9: You will see a few people connect with, We suggest to do it later. Now add your photo for your LinkedIn profile. Please do choose that matches your personality or your profession. If you wish, you can skip and do it later too.
    Add profile picture in LinkedIn
  • Step 10: Please do provide your phone number along with the country so you can get a text that contains a link to download the LinkedIn app. You can also download directly LinkedIn for iOS or Android from this page.
    Download LinkedIn app
  • Step 11: Add your email contacts to LinkedIn so you can find them on LinkedIn if they are already there. You can also skip this.
    linkedin zip code
  • Step 12: You just created your professional profile on LinkedIn.

Information required to complete LinkedIn sign up

  • Location and zip code.
  • Job title and company. If you are a student, you need to provide your school’s or college/university name and start and end year.
  • The reason you’re interested in. For e.g. Finding a job or Building my professional network.

Things to consider while creating a LinkedIn account

  1. You must use your actual name. Pseudonyms, company names, groups or associations, or other characters can’t be used while signing up.
  2. The Same email can’t be used to create more than one profile.
  3. When signing up, Both personal email or work email can be used. But sometimes business emails are not permanent, as when you leave the job, you’ve to leave your email as well. So we suggest you use your permanent email.
  4. Congratulations you’ve successfully signed up for LinkedIn. Log into LinkedIn and start to connect with fellow professionals.

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