Solutions to Fix the Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working


After many users upgraded to Windows 10, they got the problem with the start menu. They also reported that their start menu did not work whereas some reported that their start menu did not even open. The start menu is the most vital part of Windows 10, so if it does not work it becomes a great problem. If your start menu is not working or not even opening, we will help you to solve this issue. You should back up your important files before proceeding to the steps of the solution.

Simple Solutions to Fix the Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

The simple solutions that can be done to fix this error are stated as follows.

1. You should turn your pc off and on again: 
It is the solution for most of the problems related to the computer. It is the easiest solution too. You should try it as a solution a couple of times to see if it cures the problem. Be sure that you do not do it time and again because it can create another problem for your pc.

2. You should make sure that your Windows 10 is up-to-date: 
The outdated operating system can also cause this problem. It is the most probable cause that updating windows will solve this type of errors. Microsoft is improving its new releases, making your system updated is a good solution for this problem. You can update windows manually without the start menu. You should press Windows key+i to the open setting. Now you can proceed to windows update. If this button does not work, press windows key+r to launch the run command. After going to run command, type ‘ms-setting’ and click OK. After opening ‘setting’, you can proceed to windows update.

3. You should create other user profiles:
You need to create two new profiles with administrator privileges. They need admin rights because of the task they should perform during this solution. If you do not have any admin rights, you cannot perform this. After making two admin profiles, you should log off, and log on to one of the new admin accounts which you created. Now test whether your start menu is working properly or not. If this does not solve your problem, something is wrong. You should try other solutions in order to solve your problem.

4. You can use command-line utilities:
If any other option did not work on your computer, there are a couple of utilities that you can use to solve the start menu problem. Before you start this, you should back up your important files and document which you need in future days.

  • You need to open task manager by pressing ctrl+shift+esc.
  • At the top of that particular window, you’ll find File as an option. You should click it and again click on Run new task. Type “CMD” in that particular box but don’t enter now. Under that typing box, you will find a marking bus “Create this task with administrative privileges” which you need to tick and press enter or click on OK.
  • A new window will appear, you should type “SFC/scannow” and press enter.


  • Now, Windows will scan your file system, and it lets you know if it finds any defects.
  • If you see the message “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them” then you should check whether these issues can be solved or not by running another program.
  • Go to the command line prompt type the following:
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Restore health-

  • You should make sure that you include the spaces after each word.
  • It might take some time to run, so you should wait for some time. Finally, this is it for this solution. If this problem is not solved, you can try the solution below.

5. You can use application identity:
Many users have reported that this worked on their pc. You can follow these steps.

  • Press Windows key+R to start the run command.
  • Type SERVICES.MSC in the typing box and press the enter key.

Run services.msc

  • After that, right-click on APPLICATION IDENTITY and select START.

application identity for windows 10 start menu not working

  • Now, restart after a few minutes.

A user reported that he got this issue and tried it and this worked. Any other solution did not work on his pc.

We hope one of these solutions worked on your Windows 10 pc. We hope this was helpful for you.

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